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Spam Attack Notice

June 9, 2010

    (0609)Since yesterday afternoon I have been receiving large batches of e-mail "delivery failure" notices. After checking into it I have discovered that one of our e-mail accounts had been tampered with and used to send out what is called the "Puppy Spam". It is a message said to be from a Pamela Clemons claiming to be giving away puppies.

    I've made password changes and sent reports to my server administrators. So far I'm not seeing to much improvement as I am still getting these notices.

    If you received one of these Puppy e-mails. Ignore it, as far as I can tell your only getting one. And note, I am not Pamela and none of those messages were sent by me.

    I have also received replies from some of the recipiants of those SPAM mails. It is to bad that there are still people out there who actually feed into the spammers activities by responding back to them. They have then become part of the problem. Advice to all, you may research or have someone you trust do the research but " NEVER RESPOND TO A SPAMMER".


Don't mind the laughing

    One Sunday morning Satan decided to have a little fun and drop in on one of his favorite churches. Everyone was gathered for the morning sermon when suddenly, !#*KABOOM*#!, Satan makes an explosive appearance at the center stage. Everyone in the church jumped from fright and ran out every exit. That is everyone except one man sitting near the front row.

    Satan, upon seeing this man, went over to ask; "Do you know who I am?"

    "Of course I do"; replied the man.

    Satan was puzzled. "Why are you not frightened of me?"

    The man looked the devil in the face and said; "I've been married to your sister for twenty five years."